Road Trip.

My wife and I hit the road for 10 days in December for a few reasons.1. To get out of Dodge.2. We had a little baby shower in California.3. To see a few corners of the Southwest.
Keeping #3 in mind, I packed the cameras. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, since I’m always in a hurry on my cross-country drives, priding myself in my efficiency once I get to my destination. Example: Tallahassee, FL to Riverside, CA in two, yestwo┬ádays, flying solo. I don’t like to pull over, and take it all in. But, this trip, we made time.
We got a late jump on Saturday’s return, and unfortunately made it to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon just after dark…bummer. I had big plans in the area, swinging by a few other parks before returning home on Sunday evening. No harm, though. We grabbed a pizza and a hotel, and hunkered down for the big day ahead.
6am…alarm. Cold as hell. We piled into the car, and drove into the park, pre-dawn.
The sun popped over the horizon, and the red canyon walls glowed with intensity, of course, you’ll have to imagine it, because these are black and white shots.Next stop, a few hours through Navajo land was Monument Valley, just before sunset. The monoliths spiking from the valley floor are breathtaking. Wish we would have had more time, but at least we pulled over a few times to capture it all. Enjoy…