4x5 put to use

Although it’s just for fun, I’ve been getting into shooting big sheets of film…maybe because it is just for fun. Anyway, even though it’s been done a thousand times, and has become cliché with the medium, grain mills here in the midwest are incredible to photograph. Under coats of paint, partially burned off by the baking sun, chipped away by driving summer hail storms and cracked by the dry winter, each mill is unique.
This summer, while exploring eastern Colorado and the southwest corner of Nebraska on some of the area’s scenic backroads amidst sweeping corn fields, where every town can be identified on the horizon by its towering grain mills.
This photo was taken late on a hot summer evening in Lorenzo, CO, in the middle of a drive that swung through Sterling, CO, with a stop in Lorenzo, on the Colorado/Nebraska border, with a population of zero. Then, up to Sydney, Nebraska, and finally back West, through Eaton, CO, via CO 85 South (top photo).